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How in the fucking hell does Kylesa not play even one song off their new album?!? Are you absolutely sure about the Kylesa set list? I'm dumfounded.

...and to the guy whose friends lied to him about liking High on Fire if he likes Sleep:

What they should have told you is that if you love Matt Pike, you will probably like High on Fire. Sleep and HoF are fairly different sounds. Sleep has nowhere near the pummeling energy that HoF does (at least, on the whole). Sleep knows how to be heavy, but I would classify them as being much sludgier and Sabbath-like than HoF. People often compare HoF to Sabbath, and that's mainly because Pike idolizes Iommi and you can definitely hear the influence in there, but really HoF is much heavier and faster-paced. HoF is a fucking turbo-charged steam roller, whereas Sabbath (and Sleep) are just regular steam rollers creeping along at regular speed.

...and there is no excuse for not liking High on Fire. Whoever you are, you are dead to me.

Just kidding.

(No, I'm really not. You are dead to me.)
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