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Originally Posted by camby118 View Post
I'm gonna go ahead and assume that the rager was seated/standing on a far side of the stage? Cause Slayer pans the guitars left and right live. I've had the "pleasures" of experiencing a show only hearing Kerry and only Jeff.
I was like in the center acctually and I had really really great seats too. Did you attend this gibson show last week? The only guitar that was audible was kerrys. I also went to the Slayer/megadeth/testament show in long beach on august 30th at the long beach arena and that show was one of the greatest metal shows I have ever been to.

The testament wall of death was just beautiful I tell you

not only that but jesus christ kerry,jeff and toms guitar were so freaking loud, i just remember when they played seasons in the abyss(the SONG not album)I remember how loud and explosive it was when jeff and toms guitar come in after Kerrys little creepy ballad in the the gibson show The only guitar i could hear was kerrys and that was sounded so wierd not having 2 other guitars meshing into making the song the epic masterpiece that it is....did anyone els who went to the show notice that? if not then youre just indenial and dont wanna admit slayer gave a sloppy performance....

this is my 5th time seeing slayer and this is the first time they ever gave a truly "bad" performance, hell alot of people on this thread are even saying they weren't too wasnt there faults, blame it on the gibson for not giving a damn and tunning there guitars....shit slayer came on like 2 minutes after the long beach show it took them 25-30 min and it was because the sound guys and sound techs where PERFECTING the guitars making sure they tear you a new asshole when slayer comes out...good god they where fucking brutal......Fuck the gibson... straight up....
my scars and bruises from the punk ass security is still in healing process from the gibson show
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