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2010-11 NBA Season

Starts tonight at 7:30. Let's talk.

I've got Heat over Thunder in 6 in the Finals after a struggle between the Lakers and Thunder and a breeze to the top for the Heat. Yeah, I hate it, but I'm a big believer in that team.

Losing some of my home-state pride in the Cavs now that LeBron is gone, so the Spurs are taking back their mantle as my favorite team (not that I would say they ever lost it). Still hoping the Cavs can show some teams up with a weaker roster. I think the Spurs could make an unlikely finals run with Tiago Splitter coming in and George Hill and Dejuan Blair growing up, plus Parker in a contract year, Ginobili coming off of a career season and Duncan playing with some of that near-retirement fire. So excited for the season!
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