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Thumbs up My progressive metal band as well as video of me playing guitar.

Ok so here is my band To Fight the Wolf. We play a mixture of progressive metal similar to Protest the Hero and Sikth with some BTBAM and Misery Signals mixed in. The songs on the myspace are just demos as we are still looking for a good singer, but check them out none the less and lemme know how you feel about them. I play rhythm guitar and the lead guitar player also plays piano and composes the music. Also for a video of me playing guitar this is a video of me in the Sam Ash Best in Shred contest which I got past the first round and am currently waiting to go to the second round. I was super nervous as I am sure you can tell cause I am not used to playing solo, but ya check it out and lemme know how you feel. Oh and just for fun if you wanna here my joke black metal pop band that was written and recorded entirely while under the influence check it out at Totally a joke that should not be taken seriously. Haha But ya check them out and if you like what you hear lemme know. Thanks!

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