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I recently went to the Slayer/Megadeth/Anthrax Show here in Hollywood at the gibson ampitheater in Universal Studio on thursday the 21st of October and let me tell you....Coming from someone who also went to the Epic and amazing Slayer/Megadeth/Testament show in Long beach at the Long beach arena..


I will go as far to say this is probably one of the most disappointing metal shows I have ever been to. Its funny considering the fact that it was the Last show of the tour and the last show for america for all 3 bands...You would think they would put on an epic show seeing how its the LAST SHOW OF THE TOUR...

But nope......Slayer is my favorite band of all time(Next to sepultura classic line up)....I have seen slayer numerous times in concert...they are simply one of the greatest bands ever to put on a live show...nothing like it...

But thursday you talk about "NOT GIVING A SHIT"...right after megadeth was finished slayer came out in 5 minutes and it was getting late and this venue was at universal studio so they had a very strict time to close.!! no one even took the time to tune/work on there guitars...THE ONLY guitar that was audible the whole show was Kerrys!! It was horrible!! Toms Bass was inaudible and Jeffs guitiar was so goddamn low you couldnt here any of his solos or anything NOTHING..!! It was terrible and extremely sloppy hearing Angel of Death and Raining blood with only one guitar being played....The whole time i just kept saying to myself "Oh god this would be so much more epic if there was atleast ANOTHER FUCKING GUITAR IN TUNED WITH THE OTHER"....Daves drumming was flawless none the less...and toms vocals was spot on as usualll...but there performance was pretty bland and sloppy.

I can not say same for the Long Beach Arena show they had in August....Good god that show was fucking epic...Slayer was just amazing...words cant explain...anyone on these forums who went to the Long beach show will vouch for me on this one....Slayer sounded so amazing especially with Jeff and kerry and Toms guitars all tuned in together and super SUPER LOUD all meshing in perfectly during there awesome performance....not only that but the Long beach arena pit IS HUGE!!! HUGE I TELL YOU!!! The pit like takes over the whole arena!!! There must have been like 5 circle pits going on at once!!! was beautiful...thousands upon thousands just goin apeshit..

At the show they had last week in Hollywood that sorry sack of shit of a pit could only fit maybe a capacity of a 100 people.....and there was no mosh pits what so ever..not one...maybe like 1 but with only 4 or 5 people in it and i wouldnt count that joke as a other words this venue was totally made up of Seats and Seats only....and they where very strict on the *stand or stay in your seats but dont go rowdy* rules...i didnt listen and got warned abunch of times untill i got my assed kicked by security during angel of death and got kicked out of the show... but i dont really wanna go into that...f**kin security abusing there goddamn power....

Over all the Long beach Arena show was a flawless 10/10 Slayer was epic megadeth was good and Testament killed especially with that WALL OF DEATH!!!...and the pits where just apeshit..good god..

The hollywood show last week gets a sad 6.5/10....I dont care about anthrax...Megadeth sounded amazing the sound guys worked really hard to make sure they sound spot on...and then slayer came on 2 minutes after them with only one guitar working and daves drums *in the backround* making some sort of noise.....If the sound techs had of taken there sweet time like they did at the long beach show slayer would have killed that shit.....deffintley wasnt worth the 2 hour drive but hey if you love and are a devoted fan of a band you like then maybe youll make a trip once in awhile...

also i could give 2 shits about crowed interaction....i didnt come to talk to the band i came to see them rip shit far as topic creators post...I think you must have gotten a bad day because Dave was talking to the crowed so much at the hollywood show....probably every 2 songs he would talk to the fans and crowed...

Dave also announced at the hollywood show that the big 4 is coming next year to america and he braught out kerry king to play Rattlehead off Killling is my b.......i went apeshit during that!
still not even that could save this below average concert...theres my 2 cents...
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