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Immolation -- Springfield, VA -- October 25th, 2010

Lecherous Nocturne:

When Single Shines the Triple Sun
Requiem For the Insects
Edict of Worms
Death Hurts Only the Living
Just War Theory
The Preponderance of Fire
The Divine Wind?


Silent Empire
Act of Darkness
Blood of Kingu
Vision and the Voice
Reborn in Flames
This Is the War


The Purge
Majesty and Decay
Once Ordained
Father, You're Not a Father
Hate's Plague
Close to a World Below
Passion Kill
Thunderous Consequence
Swarm of Terror
World Agony
Power and Shame

Fucking piss-weak crowd. Maybe 50 people at this show. Losers in Virginia don't know what they're missing. Somehow fewer people than there were in Baltimore a few weeks ago.

Anyway, got to Jaxx around 3:15 (I *have* to be upfront when Immolation plays) and waited for a while. Doors open on time (holy shit), and I started to wonder I was so early. Local black metal band Immortal Decay was already set up, and they played a great set for about 20 minutes and then finished. Definitely a local act to watch out for.

Lecherous Nocturne has been grinding the tour circuit pretty hard, and this is the third time I've seen them. I happen to enjoy their brand of techy death metal, and they played a longer set than they did in Baltimore, due to the guitarist of Pathology quitting mid-tour (which is a fucking douchebag thing to do). Solid performance, though the stage left guitar seemed a bit quiet.

Then Abigail Williams played on the floor.
I guess they were too lazy to put their amps on stage, so the drummer was up there, and the rest of the band was in the pit area. It was even dumber than it sounds. They sounded good though. Solid black metal band.

VADER then took the stage. I'm not going to go on too much, if you've seen Vader, you know exactly what it was like, and if you haven't, what the fuck is wrong with you. They brought back This Is the War, which was awesome. They had a great sound at Jaxx for once, as well.

Then the mighty Immolation. They mixed up their set this time, dropping Nailed to Gold, but the return of World Agony, as well as a few other changes. Absolutely crushing performance, the whole band was spot on. Ross was emphatic with his thanks to the crowd for coming out on a monday. Anybody who missed this show, or tour, should cry themselves to sleep for the near future.

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