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A really fun show. Getting punched for a shirt had to be done, i would gladly do it again. Free stuff rules
We went super late and missed all the typical stereotypical thrash bands which didnt mind. Lame part was we had just missed Zombie Holocaust. A great Thrash band from they bay area that put on an amazing show last time i saw them. I actually got "lei'd" by them. I suggest everyone to Check them out!. Got a cd and gave us free pins.

Then a band called Vindicator played. Pretty good thrash. Nothing special.

Exmortus hit the stage. Last time i saw them,i wasnt fond of Conan's vocals. This time i actually really liked them. Really nice guy. Getting punched in the face for there shirt is my respect to them.(plus im always broke!)

Vektor was a great fuckin band that should headline more often. As well as Exmortus,Vektor aint ur typical "Thrash til death!" backyard thrash band. these guys can play. I really enjoyed them and i hate prog rock/metal. For fans of Destruction i recommend.
8/8-Morfin/Skeletal Remains
8/11-Power Trip/Freedom
8/25-Death Grips
9/18-Asshole Parade/To The Point

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