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After seeing last week and realizing no Slayer show will probably be as good as the first time I saw them (06) and because I've been listening to Show No Mercy nonstop the past week, I feel like its time to make a Slayer set. I mean, seriously, they haven't done a real US headlining tour where they actually play more than 70 minutes in over 3 years and it kind of sucks. Not to mention, they ignore Divine Intervention, Show No Mercy and whenever they play stuff off Hell Awaits it's only the title track. </unnecessary rant>

South of Heaven
War Ensemble
Blood Red
At Dawn They Sleep
Sex. Murder. Art
Hallowed Point
Fight Till Death
Captor of Sin
Dead Skin Mask
Seasons in the Abyss
Killing Fields
The Antichrist
Chemical Warfare
Kill Again
Raining Blood
The Final Command
Angel of Death
11/18 - Nik Turner
11/20 - Mayhem/Rotting Christ
11/27 - King Diamond
12/9 - Steve Hackett
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