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Originally Posted by rjturtle9 View Post
Fucking LA traffic made me miss the band I wanted too see the most

Oh well, Megadeth kicked major ass last night. They should have headlined the whole tour. Slayer were disappointing, aside from Lombardo, who absolutely destroyed last night. They seem to just want to play and get off the stage as quick as possible.

Oh yeah, and I bootlegged Megadeth and Sleyer too. Looks like everyone recorded it
Yeah I noticed that too. I was expecting Tom to speak more to the crowd like Dave did but we didn't get shit except for a few thanks here and there. Megadeth definitely stole the show and I went mostly for them since I had never seen them before. Both bands had some negatives though. A lot of the times it sounded like Daves voice was going, like I could barely hear him and when it came to SLAYER I couldn't hear Jeff's guitar for shit! Or was it because I was to the right of the stage?
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