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Originally Posted by davidis138 View Post
good to know I'm not the only one who got fucked out of Anthrax cos of traffic. I got there in time for a snippet of Metal Thrashing Mad(from outside though) and I Am The Law. That alone though makes me want to see them on a headlining show. Rattlehead did definitely make up for no Anthrax and no Anthrax shirt
I think I could have gotten there on time but it didn't help that I had never been to the Gibson before and got a little lost at citywalk and I had only been there like twice. But fuck it took me over an hour to get there cuz of the damn 101 fwy
5/20 Rammstein (Working)
5/24 SOAD (Working)
5/25 SOAD
6/14 Mötley Crüe (Working)
6/24 Children of Bodom
7/22 Soundgarden (Working)
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