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Jagermeister Tour -- Universal City, CA -- October 21st, 2010

at Gibson Amphitheatre, can't believe no one posted this yet, total OH FUCK moment during Megadeth's set when they did Rattlehead with Kerry King. One of the reasons I stopped going to see them rather quickly after the Rust In Peace tour was because they obviously disowned that album by then.

Caught In A Mosh
Fight 'Em Til You Can't (new song)
Metal Thrashing Mad
I Am The Law

Holy Wars... The Punishment Due
Hangar 18
Take No Prisoners
Five Magics
Poison Was the Cure
Tornado of Souls
Dawn Patrol
Rust in Peace...Polaris
How the Story Ends
Head Crusher
Symphony Of Destruction
Rattlehead (with Kerry King)
Peace Sells
Holy Wars (Reprise)

World Painted Blood
Hate Worldwide
War Ensemble
Blood Red
Spirit in Black
Expendable Youth
Dead Skin Mask
Hallowed Point
Skeletons of Society
Born of Fire
Seasons in the Abyss
South of Heaven
Raining Blood
Aggressive Perfector
Angel of Death
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