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Mushroomhead -- Tulsa, OK -- October 18th, 2010

Fairly small turnout @ The Uno Hall but Mushroomhead still were absolutely amazing. Got there for last song of Stygian's set. Closed w/ Pantera's "Revolution Is My Name" nice atleast hearing a Pantera cover that usually isn't played. They didn't do too bad at it.

Uhhh and then Final Trigger came on next. I will not waste too much time on them. They were not good. I had no idea anybody currently still did rap metal. How can you go wrong w/ songs titled "start a mosh pit". I felt like it was 2000 and I was still in high school. Not saying it in a positive way. Went and bought the M3 & Superbuick albums from Mushroomhead. Both great albums and for $10 a piece I figured why not.

Finally Mushroomhead came out on the small cramped stage and killed it. I know they get hate on here a little but they have always been amazing everytime I've seen them. For anyone who hasn't seen they have drums setup on both sides of the stage and put water on them and it has a cool visual effect as you will see on the pics I took. Caught a pic from Gravy. Sadly they were 15-20 mins late getting onstage and "Erase The Doubt" & "Before I Die" were not played which really blows but they were still amazing.

Come On
Sun Doesn't Rise
Save Us
Kill Tomorrow
Solitaire Unraveling
Damage Done
Simple Survive
Burn the Bridge
Empty Spaces
Born of Desire

Link for pics, probably the best I've got in awhile:
6/19 - American Head Charge
7/23 - Kiss

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