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Originally Posted by elturtleboy View Post
Seth cant play Grindcore after he came out of his coma
He had to play Glam metal cock rock
He's secretly a fan of Chuckberry anyway
I fuckin hate glam cock rock cause its gay
I deny seeing Motley Crue at Ozzfest
This is the best thing Glam Metal album ever put out
Yes,even better than Pantera's Power Metal or that one Gay Discharge Album
This album only has 10 songs instead of the usual 40.
Songs are actually 2 minutes long(FAGS!)
Not long and boring like the new Iron Maiden album
I illegally downloaded this so Seth couldnt spend his money on Crack
This wasnt as gay as Picnic of Love
Now heres the track listing.
You never fail to make me laugh Tortuga
And yeah, you're gay, and you did see Motley Crue at Ozzfest XD
Release the kitties!
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