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Originally Posted by mastodon421 View Post
Suffocation(out of order)
Thrones Of Blood
Jesus Wept
Cataclysmic Purifaction
Blood Oath
Entrails Of You
Breeding The Spawn
Come Hell Or High Priest
Infecting The Crypts
Liege Of Inveracity
Pireced From Within
Souls To Deny
This is not very accurate. This was what I remember other than Liege and Infecting, order may be screwy):

Liege of Inveracity
Thrones of Blood
Habitual Infamy
Cataclysmic Purification
Blood Oath
Entrails of You
Jesus Wept
Breeding the Spawn
Effigy of the Forgotten
Pireced From Within
Souls to Deny
Bind Torture Kill
Infecting the Crypts

They played every title track from each full-length album (the self-titled doesn't have one, so that doesn't count). Infecting the Crypts was definitely the only song from Human Waste; there is no way in hell they played Jesus Wept and I missed it.

EDIT: Jesus Wept actually was played. I don't remember where in the set list, so I'll just throw it in wherever.

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