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My review:

The Halloween season festival Rock and Shock started up on Friday in Worcester,Massachusetts. The main attraction to this 3 day festival is music at the Palladium and a horror convention down the street at the DCU Center. Day 1 brought together 3 tours to The Palladium The Decibel Defiance Tour featuring Suffocation as the headliner, The Time To Bleed Tour with Suicide Silence headlining and The Hope Divison tour which was headlined by Stick To Your Guns. Personally, I didn't give two shits about the Stick To Your Guns tour, I didn't watch a single band from that tour, I spend my time at the downstairs of the Palladium for the most part seeing most of the other two tours.

Conducting From The Grave opened the day. They are a deathcore act, but they had an edge to them. There were slow parts to a few of their songs that where pretty intresting and their guitarwork overall was pretty damn good. These dudes know what they are doing, I enjoyed their set a good amount and I will be sure to check out their material further. Easily the best performance by any band on Suicide Silence's tour.

Moltov Solution was up next. They have a far more generic sound than Conducting From The Grave has. That being said, they weren't bad. They did have a few too many breakdowns for my taste, but Moltov Solution was still pretty decent.

The Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza is a band I am kind of indifferent about. I listened to their new record a couple of months back and I thought it was decent. I saw them live in April at the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival and they were pretty meh. On this occasion, they were better than the first time. Their sound was a lot better than the previous time I saw them. To Danza's credit, Josh Travis is a great guitar player and he nails all of the material live. Danza was pretty decent and improved from the last time I saw them, but I think I would like them a lot more if they threw a couple more curve balls in their songs.

Decrepit Birth was the first band from the Suffocation tour. The crowd which was pretty slim downstairs prior to them playing, got even silmer when they went on. Its kind of a shame because Decrepit Birth is a great live band. Decrepit Birth didn't look like they minded playing to a pretty sparse crowd, they still played great. I still don't really enjoy their studio material, but they tear shit up live. Fast, brutal and precise, Decrepit Birth put on an even better show then they did at Summer Slaughter.

Through The Eyes Of The Dead was on fire. I saw them in April and they were pretty good, but they put on a damn good performance this time around. What surprised me most about their set was how much the old school death metal fans liked them. Their set also brought one of the funniest things I have ever witnessed at a show before, most of the pits where circle pits, but during Failure In The Flesh, the scene kids finally went nuts and pulled some eagle-style hardcore dancing. These bitches were flapping their wings like they where badasses and then the breakdown ended and they left the pit. Through The Eyes Of The Dead was great, and I forsee them winning a lot of fans on this tour with Suffocation.

Dawn Of Ashes was the only band on the bill that was not associated with any tour. I am going to make this brief, they were really bad. They sounded like a Cradle Of Filth cover band that dressed up like a GWAR cover band. Anybody going to the Dimmu Borgir/Enslaved tour show up late, don't force yourself to sit through this band.

After Dawn Of Ashes, I left the venue and went got an energy drink down the street because MyChildrenMyBride was playing and I could care less about seeing them. Upon my return, I found out that Fleshgod Apocolypse was playing the upstairs stage. I booked it up there and they were just finishing up. I didn't see much of their set but what I did see was great. The only material I am familar with is the Mafia EP and neither song I saw was off of that so I don't have a set by them. Hopefully they do another US tour soon, I need to see a full set from them.

The Faceless as usual destroyed. They are one of my absolute favorite bands of the moment and this was my 3rd time seeing them. The highlights of their set for me was seeing Pestilence live and the new song. Pestilence was really cool because I never seen them play that before. The new song was fucking fantastic as well. It's a bit more progressive than the Planetary Duality material, but it is still heavy as hell. Out of all the bands the have confirmed a 2011 release, The Faceless is the one I am most excited about, they are future legends of death metal.

Suicide Silence was hitting the stage next. They took for fucking ever to set up. They kept testing their drum kit when it sounded fine. This was my 4th time seeing Suicide Silence, none of these times I have really cared about seeing them. I normally do end up enjoying their performance, but this was an expection. I was so bored throughout the duration of their set. They just go through the motions and I just don't care about their band. Mitch Lucker is also kind of a douchebag. He does the same fucking poses on the stage everytime. I am pretty sure he pratices these poses in their spare time. I am not really a fan of their studio shit outside of a couple of songs off of No Time To Bleed, so maybe that has something to do with it. Suicide Silence should change their name to Naptime Silence, because that's what I wanted to do during their set.

Finally, the legends themselves Suffocation hit the stage. Unlike Sucide Silence they operate on a no bullshit agenda. They don't need to take 30 minutes to soundcheck, they took half the time to set up and did not a need stupid intro. Suicide Silence should take notes not only from Suffocation, but every band that Suffocation is on tour with this how you play death metal. Suffocation takes the crown of heaviest live band ever. Their songs hit so fucking hard live and I don't think I will be able to use the word brutal to describe a performance after Suffocation. Frank Mullen and co. played a jaw dropping set. I only wish I was more awake during their set. I plan on seeing them next time they come here, seeing Suffocation live is a fucking experience.

All in All pretty great show. Seeing Suffocation was a dream come true, and The Faceless was top-notch as well. A lot of good bands on the bill. I had a good time overall, I just wish I was more awake during Suffocation.
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