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Originally Posted by JRA View Post
The low point of each set was each respective frontmen having to announce the show as "The Jagermiester tour." I seriously think they're legally obligated to say the name once per set or they get extra money for saying the name. Either way, the corporations are taking over folks, better start making like Tyler Durden and blow up the credit card buildings.

Another low point was that all these bitch ass faggots blocking my way from the rail weren't even moshing to Anthrax. I've never been in (and am somewhat afraid of) mosh-pits and even I have the smarts to know that you get out there an hurt somebody to the thrash break of Indians.
I'm not sure if the bands are getting paid to mention it but since Jager is the sponsor i'm sure they have to mention it at some point in the show. Also, there may have been people who aren't aware this is a Jagermiester tour. I didn't know that until I read the reviews. I thought it was another leg on the American Carnage tour. So because of that to they probably had to let people know.

You're right about moving during the "WARDANCE!!" part of Indians. Even if you're not a mosher you still gotta lose your mind once Scott screams that out. When I saw Anthrax in 2003 they ended with it and one of the bouncers who was working at the front of the stage even jumped into the crowd and went in the pit during that part
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