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Originally Posted by WOLVERINEKILLS View Post
Anthrax sounded great as usual. Belladonna sounded magnificent. My only complaint is that they should take out some of the staples like Mosh, Indians, and especially Antisocial and replace it with perhaps other fan favorite songs like Belly of the Beast, Skeletons in the Closet and Finale. They definitely need to change their setlist up a bit IMO. I caught a guitar pick from Scott Ian.
While I agree that they could use a set change up, they're never gonna drop Mosh, Indians and Antisocial. Those are probably their three biggest "hits" and even if you don't know shit about Anthrax you at least know those three. They will stay until Anthrax retires.

The limitted selection isn't really the bands fault. They've only got time to do 7 or 8 songs so they've just gotta stick with the 'best of' for this tour. Forget about ever hearing Finale or SITC though. ATL and BOTB need to be played before those songs ever make a comeback to the set, if they ever do.

Also, what's up with such a short set for them? This isn't a side stage at mayhem fest or anything. There's only two other bands on the bill. You would think Anthrax could at least get 10 songs a night.

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