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Originally Posted by TonyD View Post
What do you think, you live in the bay area?
Yes because Australia is in the Bay area.


Also, I kinda have to disagree with Brad. Well in regards to the floor where I was, can't speak for the people in seats. Anthrax's crowd was kinda dead. There were these two kids in front of me on the rail who were doing all of nothing that I desperately wanted to punch out. The crowd got a little more active during Megadeth. There was supposedly a "no moshing" rule for the venue, but that was thrown completely out the window when Slayer came on and a decent sized pit formed stage right. That was the only pit there though, so I guess I understand what Brad means by barely any moshing.

I actually almost got into a fight with a dude because of the "shoving" going on during Megadeth. I was just shoving my elbow randomly to the back so the assholes would get the hint.
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