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Originally Posted by Derelict View Post
Was this your first time seeing slayer? They seriously draw some of the worst crowds I've seen this side of Ozzfest.
Dude, it's the opposite of what you think. I WISH it was a bad Slayer crowd that was drunkenly moshing and inflicting bodily harm on one another. At least then I would have known they were alive. Seriously, this was the most pathetic thing I've ever seen. Three of the eight biggest real metal bands of all time (I'd say only Sabbath, Priest, Maiden, Ozzy, and Metallica are bigger) and it was about a 30-40% sellout, looked like a fucking Rays game. And then, the people who DID show up, fucking sat down, texted, ate popcorn, didn't sing along, didn't bang their heads, and just generally stared at the stage while metal was happening - even the fucking 15-16 year old kids! I get it if you're old, I guess, but if you are 15 and you're at a fucking SLAYER show and you aren't on your feet and worshiping heavy metal, you need to be shot. Fuck 'em all, they were a giant buzzkill. Even on the floor, where I wasn't, there was barely any moshing action. I always thought it would be cool to have an elevated view of a Slayer crowd to see the chaos going on below, but nope, not in Fort Wayne, aka God's asshole. I have more fun and get more animated when I go to the movies than these fuckers do when they go to a metal show.

I've had shows nearly ruined because karate kicking kids were getting into it in an annoying way, but I'd rather get karate chopped at Veil of Maya ten more times than have to see with such a truly depressing crowd.

Also, the Jagermeister shit was annoying as all hell, and the guy from That Metal Show is actually a bigger toolbag in real life than he is on his awful show.
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