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Triptykon -- Pittsburgh, PA -- October 14th, 2010

Got there as local band Crown the Lost was playing. This is the band that Jon Rice from (Blow)Job for a Cowboy played in before he joined them. I don't know what the hell genre you could call them, but I do know that I did not like it.

Yakuza was next and I think they played 3 (or 4?) songs. They seem like they have the potential for me to be interested in them, but it just didn't work.

Next was 1349 and they were pretty good. They would have been alot better if the guitars weren't all slushed together in the mix. I think they played the same set that they have been playing. They played for an hour. Also, Frost is a maniac. I shook his hand right as they finished, so I'm hoping maybe some of his percussive greatness will rub off on me.

And of course, Triptykon was next. Holy shit were they awesome. The set was the same, but we didn't get Descendant, which was somewhat of a disappointment, but I really can't complain. This was one of the heaviest and loudest shows I have ever witnessed. Tom Warrior commanded the stage like the god that he is. I was on the rail on the left side, right in front of Vanja the whole time (). Got the setlist off the stage at the end. Also picked up a copy of the new EP, and a poster.

Their set was:

Crucifixus (Intro)
Procreation (of the Wicked)
Circle of the Tyrants
Abyss Within My Soul
The Usurper
Synagoga Satanae
The Prolonging
Winter (Outro)

There was a shockingly small amount of people at this show. It's actually the fewest I've ever seen at a show at Mr. Smalls, which kind of suprised/disappointed me, but oh well. I'm definitely hoping these guys return in the future, I would love to see them again.
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