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Okay, I've been listening a lot to the 4 tracks from 2006 on the Live:In the Shadow Of The Blues CD and I like them so much, I've needed to adjust my set list.

1. Intro/Good To Be Bad
2. Ready To Rock
3. Bad Boys w/Children Of The Night
4. Give Me All Your Love
5. All For Love
6. Love Ain't No Stranger
7. Is This Love
8. Hit An’ Run
9. Ready An’ Willing
10. You Can't Do It Right (from Stormbringer) / Got What You Need could go here as well
11. Crying In The Rain (Saints Version) w/Guitar Solos
12. If You Want Me
13. Dog
14. Best Years w/Drum Solo
15. Lay Down Your Love
16. Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City
17. Don't Break My Heart Again
18. Fool For Your Loving

19. Walking In The Shadow Of The Blues
20. Here I Go Again
21. Burn / W Stormbringer
22. Still Of The Night

We Wish You Well would be the Outro of course!!

Line up....

David, Doug, Reb (maybe Mickey here), Neil, Jon, and Tommy (though I'm anxious to see and hear Brian Tichy in the band... I saw him in the Foreigner video... he sounds like he has some serious chops!!)
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