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Nevermore -- Atlanta, GA -- October 13th, 2010

saw Nevermore set was posted but decided to give a full review

City: Atlanta
State: Georgia
Venue: Masquerade
Date: October 13, 2010
Tour: The Obsidian Conspiracy

Got to the venue around 4:30 and was second in line. I got there in perfect timing because there were a lot more people showing up early than I had expected. The total turnout of the night was mind blowing compared to a lot of other metal shows.

First band was a local band called Prime Mover who did an excellent job opening and really got things started.

Next was HateSphere. Had never heard them before and they didn’t impress me or almost anybody in the audience.

Next was Blackguard who i first saw at ProgPower. I like this band but this time their guitar was a little loud and it drowned out the already low vocals. this band is fun and i will be seeing them two more times in the next 4 months. Could have a used a little variety and maybe some more off their first or a song they don't usually play.

In Time
The Sword
Scarlet to Snow
This Round's on Me

Then was the main reason I was there Warbringer. This band is such an amazing thrash band and every song people went nuts. The lead singer reminds me of a skinny and younger version of Corpsegrinder, especially because of his thick neck. Unfortunately they won’t be touring again for a while and ill have to wait a while to see them again.

Total War
Systematic Genocide
Severed Reality
Prey For Death
Shoot To Kill
Abandoned by Time
Living in a Whirlwind
Combat Shock

Finally was the shredding genius Jeff Loomis and Nevermore!! This band played every song perfect. The crowd exploded with each song and made a hell of a night for every fan. One thing Warren said that made me really happy was, when talking about Sanctuary, he said “the new Sanctuary songs are gonna be sick.” With that the crowd exploded with applause and cheer. That probably means and new album sometime next year, which would be amazing.

The Termination Proclamation
I, Voyager
Your Poison Throne
Moonrise (Through Mirrors of Death)
Beyond Within
Emptiness Unobstructed
The River Dragon Has Come
This Godless Endeavor
The Heart Collector
Taste Revenge
Inside Four Walls
The Obsidian Conspiracy
Guitar Dual
Enemies of Reality
5/6-7 Carolina Rebellion
5/12 Mushroomhead
5/16 Apocalyptica
5/21 Buckethead
5/23 Hate Eternal
5/26 Dying Fetus
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