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Gwar -- Atlanta, GA -- October 10th, 2010

City: Atlanta
State: Georgia
Venue: Masquerade
Date: October 10, 2010
Tour: Bloody Tour of Horror

I got the Masq right around 7:20, a little less than an hour after doors open and didnít miss any of the openers. It was weird being at a metal show with most of the people wearing white shirts instead of black band shirts.

Mobile Deathcamp started the show off great and put on a great performance in my opinion. I saw this band at Mayhem this year, but from afar and didnít hear their great sound. Hope to see this band around more.

No Setlist for them

Next was Infernaeon. This band I had only heard of because of their Ex-Monstrosity vocalist. They did a good job but the crowd was almost dead until they played Creeping Death. I thought they had a good sound and he threw in a few death screeches for good measure. This band would be a good addition to quite a few metal line-ups.

Setlist (I think)
Into The N.O.X.
Lilith Ave Satanas
Creeping Death
Sleeping God

Next up was the Casualties. This was the first time seeing a tried and true punk band. Their atmosphere and energy raised the bar for the show. It seemed that almost half the crowd was there for them more than Gwar. This band was a very enlightening experience into older school punk bands and nice change of pace from my usual bands I see.

We Are All We Have
Tomorrow Belongs to Us
Without Warning
System Failed Us
Criminal Class
Ugly Bastard
Rise and Fall
Social Outcast
Looking Thru Bloodshot Eyes
Static Feedback and Noise
Media Control
Kill Everyone
Made In NYC
Blitzkrieg Bop
Unknown Soldier

Finally was the Scumdogs of the Universe. GWAR!! This was my first time seeing them and I found them to extremely entertaining and enjoyable (even if I only knew 4 songs). The first they did was bring out one of Michael Vickís pit bulls that had recovered from the dog fighting and mounted it and it started shooting blood all over the crowd. They had their usual celeb victims of the night: Sarah Palin (Oderus said he would kill her so she would never be our president). As she was being slaughtered she pulled out fetuses and intestines for them to play with; and then came Lady Gaga (Oderus said she was the most beautiful women in music since Chaka Khan). She came out in a toilet dress and had a hat made of shit that she munched on. This show was probably the best performance from a band I have ever seen. They used metal, blood, and all forms of vulgarity to create an unforgettable night.

Horror Of Yig
Damnation Under God
Hail, Genocide
Let Us Slay
Vlad the Impaler
Decay of Grandeur
Techno's Song
Crack In The Egg
Bring Back the Bomb
Metal Metal Land
Arctic Snow
Beat You To Death
Zombies, March
Sick of You
10/7 Cattle Decapitation
10/8 For Today
10/14 Symphony X/Overkill
10/21 Wednesday 13
10/23 Soulfly
10/29 Amaranthe
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