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Mushroomhead -- Tallahassee, FL -- October 8th, 2010

I'm not a huge MRH fan, but I know seeing bands live usually gets me into them. So my buddies and I drove 3 hours and waited in line for 2 hours before the doors opened. Only about 5 people ahead of us which is good considering I always have to be front row

There was a local band there, but I don't even remember their name so I won't bother posting much about them. Koheleth was the opening band on the tour so it began, and I have to say that I was impressed from the start! I talked to the guitarist after the show, and they've only been together since March, and already on a tour! To me they were like Lamb of God and Goatwhore mixed, but on a much smaller scale. Very catchy riffs, awesome vocals... keep an eye out on this band! You probably won't be able to find their music anywhere (not even on metal-archives) but here's their set:

1) River
2) Abstract
3) Burn In Hell
4) Full Circle
5) Aloner
6) Sins

*Note* "Burn In Hell" is not a Twisted Sister cover.

The next band was Stygian. I wasn't too impressed by them at all (maybe had something to do with the fact that the band before them were much heavier), but they did play a decent Pantera cover of "Revolution Is My Name" and that's all I know of their set. You might like them if your super big into a Metallica type of sound.

After Stygian was Final Trigger. From their looks I thought it would be similar to Hatebreed, and in a way it kinda was. However, they had their own original sound which made me really enjoy them. Very cool guys to talk to if you can meet them.

Now... Mushroomhead:

1) Come On
3) 1200
4) SDR
5) Save Us
6) 43
7) Kill
8) KM
9) Twink
10) Stone
11) Wuzyo
12) The Doubt
13) Burn The Bridge
14) Floyd
15) Born

Overall MRH did a great job! A set of 15 songs but some how managed to play in just a little over an hour. Well worth seeing!
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