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Saw the same tour in Toronto this past Monday, Oct.1st. Immolation and Vader were awesome (in my opinion Vader should've headlined, they got a massive reception and half the crowd left after them at that show too), but the band I want to talk about is Abigail Williams.

I first saw them in January 2007 when they toured with Dark Funeral and Enslaved, and I couldn't belive it was the same band. Back then it was their black metalcore stage and I thought they were pretty good, now they came across as an Immortal tribute band. Totally different sound, attitude and look. I didn't even know it was them until the singer said it was, and they got ZERO crowd reaction. I know there's a lot of haters out there so I was expecting some boo's or catcalls, but nothing. They seemed really out of place on the bill with two death metal bands going on before and after. If anything, this incarnation of Abigail Williams would've probably worked better on the Dark Funeral tour.

There were about 200 people for Vader, about 100-150 for Immolation.
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