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Gwar -- Fort Lauderdale, FL -- October 7th, 2010

I wasn't at this show but I found this on setlist fm. Source

1.Horror Of Yig
2.Damnation Under God
3.Hail, Genocide
4.Let Us Slay
5.Vlad the Impaler
6.Decay of Grandeur
7.Techno's Song
8.Crack In The Egg
10.Bring Back the Bomb
11.Metal Metal Land
12.8th Lock
13.Beat You To Death
14.Sick of You
15.Zombies, March!

This seems to be accurate but why would they play Damnation Under God and Decay of Granduer? Those are 2 of the most boring songs they ever released. But overall a pretty good set.
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