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Originally Posted by Derelict View Post
Up first was 2 cents, they might be the worst live band I've ever seen. I didn't know bands still made early 2000s nu-metal. Between awful songs, the singer talked about his dick and what a bad crowd we were. Horrible, horrible band. Not surprisingly, they closed with a Pantera cover (Strength Beyond Strength).

I can confirm that Clutch went on second this evening. Place had started to fill up a little better after 50 or so people watched 2 cents. Gravel Road is a strange opener, but it works. I was very pleasantly surprised when they went right into Marcus after One-Eyed Dollar, as the EW/$ is usually a closer when it's played. Good stuff.

Hung at the bar for a bit for Bodom - I know they opened with a song off of hatebreeder, and Hate Me! was the second song they played. Left soon after to get a late dinner at the Brauhaus. Some members of the cult of Black Label gave us shit for leaving before the hero played as we were leaving.
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