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1.American Idiot
2.2,000 Light years Away
3.Nice Guys Finish Last
5.Blvd. Of Broken Dreams
6. Good Riddance
7.Know Your Enemy
8.Christian Inferno
10.Murder City
11.Brain Stew/Jaded
13.Basket Case
14.King For A Day/Shout
15.Hitchin' ARide
16.I Wanna Be On TV(Fang)
18.Knowledge(Operation Ivy)
20.Jesus Of Suburbia

21.Welcome To Paradise
22.I Fought The Law(The Clash!)
23.Another State Of Mind(Social Distortion)
24.21 Guns
25.Long View
3/7-Expire/Rotting Out
3/10-Retox/To The Point
3/11-Mutilation Rites
3/20-Rancid/Sick Of It All?

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