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Talking Dream Green Day Setlist

Welcome To Paradise
Know your Enemy
Having a Blast
Babs Uvula Who?
21st Century Breakdown
Stuck With Me
Nice Guys Finish Last
Before the Lobotomy
Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
Restless Heart Syndrom
Murder City
Geek Sink Breath
Horseshoes and Handgranades
Hitchin A Ride
Give Me Novacaine
Wake Me Up When September Ends
Working Class Hero(John Lennon Cover)
Outsider(Ramones Cover)
I Fought The Law(The Clash)
When I Come Around
21 Guns
Brain Stew/Jaded
Jesus Of Suburbia
Good Riddance(Time Of your Life)

Basket Case
American Eulogy

Encore 2:
Walking Contradiction

They can actually pull this set off live if they play the songs all the way threw and don't stop for 5 minutes in the middle of each one. Great band but they can really bring down what I thought would be a great live show.

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