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Jägermeister Music Tour -- Hampton, VA -- October 5th, 2010


Caught in a Mosh
Metal Thrashing Mad
I Am the Law


Holy Wars...The Punishment Due
Hangar 18
Take No Prisoners
Five Magics
Poison Was the Cure
Tornado of Souls
Dawn Patrol
Rust in Peace...Polaris
A Tout Le Monde
Symphony of Destruction
Peace Sells/Holy Wars Reprise


World Painted Blood
Hate Worldwide
War Ensemble
Blood Red
Spirit in Black
Expendable Youth
Dead Skin Mask
Hallowed Point
Skeletons of Society
Born of Fire
Seasons in the Abyss
South of Heaven
Raining Blood
Aggressive Perfector
Angel of Death

Setlists were all the same, but I have a review for you all:

My neck still hurts and my body still slightly aches from one hell of a night. I know this will sound very biased, but I really cannot find one flaw last night. If I really had to think, the only flaw would be that the volume of the vocals were slightly down during the set of all three bands. Another one would be the crowd was a bit too rough, but that should be expected. I got to the venue 30 mins early, once I got in I rushed and got to the left of the rail. This was my first time on the rail and, needless to say, I was excited as hell. This gave me a perfect view of everyone, and I was very close to Rob, Bello, Ellefson, and my hero Jeff.

Anthrax came on first and they were fantastic with a ton of energy. Although it seemed that lots of people were skipping them. A.I.R. was the highlight for me, as Joey looked at me during the chorus and nodded at the end. Frank Bello had "R.I.P. Dimebag" written on his guitar, even though I'm not the biggest Pantera fan, I thought that was pretty cool. I caught a pick from Rob at the end.

Up next was Megadeth. This was my second time seeing them, and it was just as good as the first. I really enjoyed seeing Five Magics and Lucretia live, and Vic during Dawn Patrol was pretty cool. I think Ellefson nodded at me aswell, and Chris looked at me AGAIN during the TOS solo, but this time it was only for about two seconds before looking elsewhere. I caught Mustaine's pick (now my greatest treasure) and found Ellefson's pick on the ground after Slayer played.

Then came Slayer. The crowd was very rough during their set, so I had to hold tight to the rail, but I loved it. Jeff's tone on WPB sounded like a haunted chapel, although his tone changed a little bit afterwards, it was still great. He nodded at me once (Tom looked at me aswell), which made me the happiest person in the world. I think he tried to throw a pick at me too, but someone else got it. I loved Jeff, but man did Tom sound great tonight. He attempted the Angel of Death scream, and although he didn't hold it very long, it sounded great while it lasted. Lombardo put on a great show as always and so did King. The highlights for me were Hallowed Point and Raining Blood, but every song was great, and they played very well despite other reports that they wern't playing well.

I really don't think I can give any of these guys less than a 10/10. I know this sounds biased, but seriously, this show was just that good. If this is coming anywhere near you, go, just go.

I might post some of the better pictures and the picks later, but for now, that's all I got to give. Thanks to anyone who took the time to read this.

EDIT: Mods could you change Virginia in the title to VA. I tried editing myself but it's not showing up, not sure if that is supposed to happen.
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