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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
Uhh, it's not just about a choice between those two guys - and even if it were, the selection for me would be tougher than it obviously is for you. It's also about going to a show on a Friday night vs. Wednesday night, seeing three awesome bands on one bill vs. one awesome band and two bands I'm only mildly interested in, and I guess you could also say it's about the HoF show being slightly cheaper, but they're both definitely worth the money, so that's not really a big factor, but it's there. A High on Fire / Kylesa / Torche triple bill is a hard thing to say "no" to, my friend - at least for me.
I take it that you can't just go to both? That would be the ideal choice if it's possible.
High On Fire/Windhand: 1/9
Savages: 1/24
Zola Jesus: 1/26
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A Place To Bury Strangers: 2/17
Sleater-Kinney: 2/26-27
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