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Originally Posted by bigguytoo9 View Post
Uhh, like anyone would pick seeing Matt Pike live over seeing TOM WARRIOR??
Uhh, it's not just about a choice between those two guys - and even if it were, the selection for me would be tougher than it obviously is for you. It's also about going to a show on a Friday night vs. Wednesday night, seeing three awesome bands on one bill vs. one awesome band and two bands I'm only mildly interested in, and I guess you could also say it's about the HoF show being slightly cheaper, but they're both definitely worth the money, so that's not really a big factor, but it's there. A High on Fire / Kylesa / Torche triple bill is a hard thing to say "no" to, my friend - at least for me.

Originally Posted by bigguytoo9 View Post
After seeing HOF a few times it gets a bit boring.
So you say. I enjoy myself more each time I go, and I've seen them four times already.

Originally Posted by bigguytoo9 View Post
Plus the new HOF album isnt really all that great aside from Bastard Samurai and Frosthammer.
Again, so says you. True - I like Blessed Black Wings a lot more, but Snakes is at least as good as - if not better then - Death Is This Communion, which definitely does not suck. Most of the new album is pure awesomeness, and every bit of it is, at the very least, damn good.

(Which reminds me...I need to go and make sure that High on Fire has been added to the "Unfuckwithable Five Album Streaks"'s now official. )
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