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Originally Posted by makethemsuffer12 View Post
Also, why the fuck would he play a part of School's Out when Alice Cooper is on the same damn bill??? Is this the right set?
I can verify that it is the right set. He played it as a tribute to Alice Cooper for getting nominated to the Hall of Fame, and I thought it was a great gesture by him \m/

And Alice Cooper didn't headline because of the way Rob Zombie has the stage set up. RZ uses pyro, giant screen and a lot of other stuff that Alice Cooper doesn't, hence it wouldn't make much sense to waste time in bringing all of that down to clear the stage for Alice Cooper, had Alice Cooper played last. I hope that made sense.

The relatively more complex stage setup is also the reason why Slayer play after Megadeth even though both are playing the same duration.

Technically RZ and AC are co-headlining this tour, but with RZ wasting a lot of time with the drum solo and guitar solo as parts of the set, it felt like a shorter set than AC's in terms of the actual duration of the songs played.

Having said all that, I almost cried when Alice Cooper appeared on stage with School's Out. One of the best moments of the year for me \m/ Also, RZ's "Mars Needs Women" was fucking cool

Here are my videos if anyone's interested. The sound and video both came out great.

Alice Cooper: Under My Wheels

Rob Zombie: Pussy Liquor

Rob Zombie: Mars Needs Women

Lastly, my photographer got some great shots of Alice Cooper (we weren't allowed to shoot Rob Zombie)

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