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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
He's not worthy period. I know Cooper shortens some of his songs live but when he's coming on first and plays over 20 songs it makes Zombie look weak and it shows people what most already know and that's Zombie should not headline over Cooper.

It's nice to see Zombie add in Jesus Frankenstein though. One of the few songs off the new album that's actually worth the time to play. Demon Speeding is cool as well he didn't do that on the Gruesome Twosome tour when I saw it.

Still there are very few acts Cooper should open for and Zombie isn't on that short list.

And no 300% Density you're not alone in thinking Zombie's set is crap compared to Alice's. You're right on the money with that.
Ahhh ok good. In the last 11 months I have seen him in Kansas City, Springfield, & Oklahoma City and Independence is basically near Kansas City and its basically the same set. To me it seems like coming off lazy. I like alot of the songs but who the hell wants to hear the same songs and drum & guitar solos 4x in a row? I figured the thought process is if you play at places that are relatively close together you play different songs each time to get people to continue to come. I'm not expecting Dream Theater like where you are conscious of what songs you play and make sure not to play those songs again but more than 2 songs tho...I know that my $40 won't make a dent but I am curious for others if they share that same thought process.
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