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Shinedown -- Alpharetta, GA -- October 3rd, 2010

City: Alpharetta
State: Georgia
Venue: Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
Date: October 3, 2010
Tour: Project 9-6-1 Family Reunion 2010

Got there about 3 and waited in line till the gate opened. My gate was the last to open but I still ended up in the front on the left side.

First up was an Atlanta local band named NeeDeep. They wore jumpsuits like early Slipknot except for one of the lead singers who was a chick who wore a sexy outfit. They sounded decent but nothing real special.

Next up was Taddy Porter after seeing this band last month with Slash they have only gotten better. They are a tried-and-true rock and roll band and will have a very successful career if they continue what they are doing.

Next up was Atlanta based Sevendust. I have never seen them before but they were really good. It was also the led singers birthday and they brought his entire family and had a cake for him and had the audience sing happy birthday. The only problem was that they had tech problems before their set and he talked more than he should have.

Forever Dead
Angel's Son
Face to Face

Next up was the band I was there mostly there for Bullet for My Valentine. They had many sound issues as not being able to hear their back-up singer and lead singer in the first few songs. They did a great job despite that and probably got the second biggest reaction of night. They also had two of their songs cut.

Your Betrayal
Waking the Demon
Tears Don't Fall
Pleasure and Pain
4 Words (To Choke Upon)
The Last Fight (Not Played)
Scream, Aim, Fire (Not Played)
Hand of Blood

Next up was the worst band of the night Buckcherry. They were bad. Really really bad. The lead singer looked like a Steven Tyler/Scott Wieland wannabe. He jumped and moved around like his pants were on fire. I recommend don’t see this band. Ever.

Talk to Me
Rescue Me
All Night Long
Next 2 You
Lit Up
These Things
It's a Party
Crazy Bitch

Shinedown closed the night with a bang. Originally Stone Temple Pilots was supposed to be headlining but Scott is back to his drugged up self and they bailed on us, which was a good thing in my opinion. This was Shinedown’s last electric show on the Sounds of Madness tour. I didn’t see this band with Nickelback for obvious reasons and glad I got to see them headline.

Sound of Madness
Cyanide Sweet Tooth Suicide
If You Only Knew
Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay Boom-Lay Boom)
Her Name is Alice
The Crow and the Butterfly
Save Me
Left Out

Simple Man
Fly From The Inside
Second Chance

Overall Ratings:
NeeDeep 6/10
Taddy Porter 7.5/10
Sevendust 8.5/10
Bullet for My Valentine 9/10
Buckcherry 1/10
Shinedown 10/10
11/28 Mayhem/Watain
12/8 All That Remains
12/11 Goatwhore
01/05 Venom Inc
01/10 Nile
01/19 Lamb of God
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