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Misery Index -- Seattle, WA -- October 3rd, 2010

Let me just start out by saying that Revocation and Misery Index were worth the price of admission.

I tried to time my arrival so I would miss the 3 local openers but I was only able to avoid the first band, Triosis. I had to suffer through Triosis a few months ago at a Goatwhore show and believe me once was enough. I won't talk about the other openers because they were pretty boring and I doubt anyone on here would care about them, although the scene kids seemed to enjoy them.

Once the openers were done I quickly moved up front for Revocation who I have been dying to see for quite some time. Don't know really what to say except that they tore shit up. Plain and simple. Their set was...

Pestilence Reigns
Age of Iniquity
Dismantle the Dictator
Exhumed Identity

Next up was the other band I came to see, Misery Index. These guys put out one of my favorite albums this year with the unrelenting Heirs to Thievery. Just like Revocation they didn't disappoint, putting on an incredibly tight performance. Their set was...

The Carrion Call
Manufacturing Greed
The Spectator
Heirs to Thievery
We Never Come in Peace

The place was pretty much dead during both Revocation and Misery Index, with lots of kids looking really confused as to how to react to the music. Before Misery Index played "Manufacturing Greed" they asked the crowd "who wants us to go faster?" and I think I was one of about 5 people that yelled out for it.

Stayed for about half of Despised Icon's set and they were alright. However, the plethora of kids hardcore dancing kind of ruined the feel for me. Highlight from their set was when David from Revocation came out towards the end of "Retina" and sang the last few lines as well as helping play some guitar.
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