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I'm a little pissed about the Zombie set I won't lie. I was considering seeing him here in a few days. Nothing is new from his set. From playing in areas around here in the last 12 months I would figure that he could do better than throwing in Jesus Frankenstein & Liquor as the 2 ways of changing up the set. Nothing from Educated Horses is a crime. IMO it's his best album. How there can be an 8 song difference w/ 2 encores, a guitar & drum solo between him and Zombie doesn't even begin to make sense.

I love Zombie live. But really it needs to be thrown around alot. I'm hoping since it's first show there are still adjustments to be made but it's not exactly like Alice Cooper is playing Napalm Death 45 second songs or anything. He still has theatrics as well. Sadly I'm probably done seeing Zombie unless either he has different openers or a longer/different set. *whew* and now I can breathe again. Had to get that out....
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