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Accept -- Reading, PA -- October 1st, 2010

Yes, I put both names in the thread title, because this review has both sets and this show is practically a double headliner anyway.

Awesome show, all the way around. I still think this was a really mismatched tour and the two bands put on two incredibly different kinds of shows, but they were both amazing.

The show started promptly at 8pm, with King's X just simply walking out in their traditional fashion. The next hour and a half was an expected incredible performance filled with tons of great rockin' songs, including a few nice surprises (They hadn't played Fall on Me live in almost 20 years prior to this tour). Dug Pinnick's performance was absolutely amazing, his vocals were so intense. He deviates a lot from the recordings, but almost all for the better. The whole band was just spot on, all 3 guys were excellent. The whole set was great, but highlights would have to include "Dogman", "Power of Love", "Complain", and the always awesome "Over My Head", in its typical extended fashion.

King's X setlist:
01.The Train
03.What Is This?
04.Power of Love
09.Go Tell Somebody
11.Fall on Me
13.Over My Head
14.We Were Born to Be Loved

The changeover between bands was fairly timely. King's X were off-stage at 9:15 and Accept were on by about 9:45 and had one of the best live mixes I've ever heard. All the instruments sounded great, especially the drums. The band were tight as hell and Mark Tornillo did an absolutely amazing job on vocals. Seriously, he's got to be one of the very best replacement vocalists I've ever heard. Their set was pretty much pure metal from start to finish and very entertaining. My only complaint is that I would've liked to hear "The Abyss" instead of "Pandemic".
Accept Setlist: (May be a little out of order, but all the songs are there)
02.Living For Tonite
04.Teutonic Terror
05.Rolling Thunder
06.Restless and Wild
07.Son of a Bitch
08.Metal Heart
09.Neon Nights
11.No Shelter
12.Up to the Limit
13.Flash Rockin' Man
14.Midnight Mover
15.Fast as a Shark
17.Princess of the Dawn
18.Balls to the Wall

A few crappy quality pictures from my phone:

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