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Originally Posted by makethemsuffer12 View Post
Yeah, but what would you rather hear? Antisocial or something epic like N.F.L.?
Good point..I still love Antisocial though.

Originally Posted by justinm4bama View Post
The only reason why they played "A.I.R." was because it was requested by Dave Mustaine. I have the actual Anthrax set list and it has "Only" written on it, but they just scratched it out.

Another thing I have to point out is Chris from Megadeth. They guy can play! When he is doing all those crazy solos he doesn't even look at his guitar. Really pay attention to him if your close enough.
Hm..well theres a date in Orlando tonight, we shall see if A.I.R. is still in, and I hope it is.

And yes Chris is amazing, when I saw him in 09, he looked directly into my eyes WHILE playing the TOS solo
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