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Immolation -- Baltimore, MA -- September 29th, 2010

God dammit I fucked up the title.

Way too tired for a full writeup, I'll see how I feel in the morning. My ride made me leave about 1/3 of the way through Immolation (god dammit), but that's what their setlist said.

Lecherous Nocturne:

When Single Shines The Tripled Sun
Requiem For the Insects
Edict of Worms
Death Hurts Only the Living
The Preponderance of Fire

- Really impressed with these guys actually. Tech death that isn't overly stale and boring.


Silent Empire
Act of Darkness
Blood of Kingu
Visiona Voice
Reborn in Flames
Cold Demons

-Second time seeing Vader. A bit disappointed at the lack of "This is the War", but oh well. Rather eclectic set, drawing from most of their career. The snare kept fucking up or something, and I wish Piotr's voice was a bit higher in the mix. More importantly their intro music was Star Wars' Imperial March.


The Purge
Majesty & Decay
Once Ordained
Father, You're Not a Father
Hate's Plague
Close to a World Below
Nailed to Gold
A Glorious Epoch
Of Martyrs and Men
A Thunderous Consequence
Those Left Behind
Away from God
Power and Shame

-The all powerful Immolation pulled out a ballsy set, busting out a lot of the new album, and including the epic "Close to a World Below". Disappointed with no "World Agony", hopefully they'll shift their set around for when I see them again at the Virginia date. Still an incredible live band.

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