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Iwrestledabearonce -- Lancaster, PA -- September 28th, 2010

Got to the venue at around 3:45 or so. doors opened at 540 or so, and the first band went on at 5:45. much better then i expected, having been forced to see 10 locals open a show before, they were amazing lol.
Vanna: had never heard of them before tonight. Id prob compare them to A Day To Remember without the bass drops. Def got the crowd movin and energized
The Chariot. holy fuck, they were insane. When they started, the core/scene kids didn't know what to think, as they're more a math metal band ala DEP, who doesn't do pretty breakdowns and such. First song in, bassist dives into the crowd (thankfully not on my side) On my side one of the guitarists actually hung from the balcony upside down and played. there were so many dives to the crowd/crowd walks (where the band member is being held up by the crowd) that i lost count, easy 9/10. Now here's where the fun shit comes in, they probably played 35 or 40 minutes. Which leads us to

Chelsea Grin. I was dreading seeing them after hearing a few songs on youtube. Just the worst kind of deathcore there is, the generic chug chug breakdown, ad nausium. I also noticed they had 3 guitarists, and with the basic generic crap they were playing, i was thinking "WHY". Oh and one of their songs had what i call the Suicide Silence sweep that alot of deathcore bands seem to play (listen to the "solo" during 'no pity for a coward' or 'lifted' and you'll get the point.) anyways, on to the good shit, after about 3 or 4 songs and 15 minutes of torture, the house music cut on and their mike was cut and they put their banners up front. All the core kids were fucking pissed and i was happy as fuck even chanting 'please be done' I assume they got cut off, since this place has a strict 10pm curfew on weeknights, more on that later. Which leads us to
Eyes Set To Kill. I'm def a fan of theirs so i'll be a bit biased, but they were great, and spot on. And god damn, the 2 sisters in the band are hot lol I know they played
Broken Flames
All You Ever Knew
the Listening
Iwrestledabearonce, now on to the main event. They started at around 9:30 or so, so i was concerned that they were gonna get their set cut. But thankfully they didn't, and got to play til about 10:15. the crowd was a little weak in the energy department but oh well, there still was a pit people were def into them, just i guess not the crazy crowds they usually get. Anyways here's their set
You Ain't No Family
The Cats Pajamas
Still Jolly After All These Years
Eli Cash and the Godless Savages
Danger In the Manger
Corey Feldman Holocaust
Blind (Korn cover/teaser)
Pazuzu For the Win
Black Eyed Bush
See You in Shell
Alaskin Flounder Basket
Vlork: Mighty Wielder Of Sheep
Tastes Like Kevin Bacon
They only skipped 3 songs from their entire catalog which i thought was pretty impressive, given that hell most bands with only 1 full length and an ep don't headline often, but they pulled it off. Oh and during "kevin bacon" i actually got in the full pit and even did some hardcore dancing of my own during the big breakdown at the end (which they dropped confeti and streamers from the ceiling during that part) i made it out alive without getting hit or hititng anyone. All in all a great night overall, Slayer, here i come!
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