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Originally Posted by MPF View Post
That is definitely the probelm we are going through as well as a standard 4 peice band (1 guitar, bass, drums, vocals) It's going to limit our options a lot.

Our guitarist wants to pretty much stick with 4 bands:
Iron Maiden

Our Bassist wants Thrash like Slayer but newer stuff like Bullet For My Valentine

Our singer I'm not sure yet. He's mainly into Power Metal but he hasn't given us any idea what he's into.

I haven't picked either because I'm very anal about it, every song or band I want to cover has a flaw, be it no keyboardist, 2nd guitarist, vocal capabilities., etc. I would love to do a version of King's X Dogman, or Testament's The Legacy.

But we'll be discussing it hopefully tomorrow.
Tell your singer to pick up a fucking instrument! :P

Dogman would be badass, we're romancing the idea of a full-band cover of Goldilox, since we can actually pull off the harmonies (even though I fuck it up on the video on our channel). The problem with King's X is that if you are a metal band, chances are a King's X song will not "gel" well with the rest of your set.

As far as vocal capabilities go: Do you have anyone else in the band can sing decently? IE: good enough to do a simple vocal harmony? Cause sadly, while that won't quite LIMIT your choices, it will potentially make them sound not that good, such a covering Wasted Years but taking out Adrian's vocal harmony.

Also, beware "cover curse" in original sets of music. Chances are you want to put it somewhere near the end of the set, because if it's a song a decent chunk of people at a metal show will know, it's going to be the high-point of your set energy wise. We did a 45 minute set last year and played Wasted Years just 3 songs in. The whole rest of the song after that felt awkward because there was nowhere near that level of crowd interest again. What we did at our last show was perfect. 40 minute set. We do 5 original songs, then our cover of Sabbath's Children of the Sea, which gets a LOT of attention these days, then we close it out with a great song of ours that's easy to get into, so we can feel that love and energy carry over into one of our songs.
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