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Originally Posted by MPF View Post
No problem man. Actually my band is in talks about doing some covers as well. during the next time that we have practice *which I hope is tomorrow* We are going to pick one, realistic, cover each of songs we should cover. Then we'll eventually put them up on youtube as well. We all gotta start somewhere. And you guys definitely have that going for you. I'm looking forward to any new videos.

I still don't know how the hell my drum solo video from Thursday has almost 700 views already. It just boggles my mind.
The problem with everyone picking covers is you start to see the differences in opinions about where every individual is coming from and going to. Also, you realize that some people have awfully distorted perceptions of "realistic", haha. Which for our band is not THAT many things, being a one-guitar band for the past 3 years, with no keyboards, and until we split with our old bassist and acquired our current live bassist, a not-that-great bassist. The full list of songs we've covered (at least once live) to date (first show was March 2005):

In chronological order, starting from earliest: (note, until we get to about See You in Hell, most of these weren't actually played well. We started playing live about 2 years and 2 band members too soon. We're trying to destroy the evidence those first 13 shows ever happened, haha)
Iron Maiden - The Wicker Man (2 guitars)
Iron Maiden - The Trooper (2 guitars)
Tesla - Comin Atcha Live (2 guitars)
Helloween - I Want Out (2 guitars)
Iron Maiden - Revelations (2 guitars)
Iron Maiden - Flight of Icarus (2 guitars)
Queensryche - Empire (2 guitars)
Iron Maiden - Aces High (2 guitars)
Grim Reaper - See You In Hell (2 guitars)
Savatage - Believe (2 guitars, I also played piano)
Iron Maiden - Wasted Years (2 guitars, did it many times with just 1 though)
Black Sabbath - Heaven and Hell (only the verses, we put it inside one of our own songs)
WASP - The Idol (2 guitars)
Iron Maiden -2 Minutes to Midnight (2 guitars)
Dio - Holy Diver
Savatage - Power of the Night
Skid Row - 18 and Life
Iron Maiden - The Prisoner
Savatage - Strange Wings
Iron Maiden - Different World (2 guitars, special one-night Maiden tribute set)
Iron Maiden - Reach Out (2 guitars, special one-night Maiden tribute set)
Iron Maiden - Hallowed Be Thy Name (2 guitars, special one-night Maiden tribute set)
Queensryche - Take Hold of the Flame
Black Sabbath - Children of the Sea

This doesn't count the probably 2-dozen more songs we've covered at acoustic shows as just my sister and I over the past year or so.
Also, we were undertaking a whole new set of covers as of a year ago with our temporary drummer and now ex-bassist, which included:
Tesla - Modern Day Cowboy
Bruce Dickinson - Tears of the Dragon
WASP - Wild Child
Judas Priest - Hell Patrol (I was actually going to sing this)
Yngwie Malmsteen - You Don't Remember (I'll never Forget)

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