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Originally Posted by Maiden33 View Post
Haha thanks a lot man! Sadly we only have just over a half dozen videos of original material up there - we're planning on getting around to adding more (we have about 7 full shows worth of video on DVDs sitting around). But we have kinda prioritized getting decent covers up, since they tend to draw much more attention to the channel. I'm also planning on finally uploading the audio tracks from our 2009 7-song demo CD, as well as possibly some solo compilations of mine.
No problem man. Actually my band is in talks about doing some covers as well. during the next time that we have practice *which I hope is tomorrow* We are going to pick one, realistic, cover each of songs we should cover. Then we'll eventually put them up on youtube as well. We all gotta start somewhere. And you guys definitely have that going for you. I'm looking forward to any new videos.

I still don't know how the hell my drum solo video from Thursday has almost 700 views already. It just boggles my mind.
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