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Originally Posted by maidenpriest View Post
thanks a lot

and i do agree with darkguardian, i think Glorious Burden does really well for the Ripper more. Barlow didnt sound the best on High Water Mark imo even though he did nail the last high note.
Yea Matt has no problem with the high stuff, its the normal stuff that Ripper sings effortlessly (and man is he a great live singer) that Matt has trouble with, understandably. There aren't to many baritone's in metal and certainly not many with the range that Matt has, but he has his limits. Last December is awesome. I'm glad Jon has decided to be magnanimous enough to play something from many IE fan's favorite album even if he has some wierd sort of aversion to it. There are a couple songs on that album that aren't just boring, they are terrible but most of the album is really fantastic.
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