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Talking I do!

I don't have the Sons Of Liberty set because I got there during their 2nd to the last song but I'm sure it's the same set as the one they played in Chicago. Well at least the last 2 songs were the same.
It is the same set list, ricky4502. By the way, I think I remember you recording the show. Were you wearing an Iced Earth (2008 or 2004 tour) shirt?

01. Jekyll Island
02. Don't Tread On Me
03. False Flags
04. Indentured Servitude
05. Tree Of Liberty
06. Feeling Helpless
07. We The People

Sons of Liberty Line-up:

Vocals: Jon Schaffer
Guitar: Troy Seele
Guitar: Matt O'Rourke*
Bass: Freddie Vidales
Drums: Brent Smedley

I had to ask the sound engineer for his name.
Josué de Queiroz
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