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Originally Posted by darkguardian50 View Post
I don't get why they keep doing Declaration Day, that song sits right in the middle of the break in Matt's voice and he really doesn't sound good singing it until the end. The majority of the song just sits in exactly the wrong spot for him and really continuing to sing it is just going to mess up his voice in the long run. You can really hear him straining. And contrasting he sounds fucking amazing on Burning Times. I think they probably are better off just staying away from the Ripper material aside from the ones Matt covered in the studio. Though I think he could probably do a really good job on Attilla and Red Baron. Definitely Attilla.

I think its interesting that this setlist has no songs from either of the last two albums. I find that rather odd. Good to see them doing Colors though.
I haven't heard Barlow do Declaration Day but he should be able to pull off everything from TGB because from what I know they had that album recorded with him on vocals before he decided to leave the band. Then they hired Ripper and just re-recorded everything.

Yes, Atilla would be awesome it fits Matt's voice perfectly.
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