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Originally Posted by bobbie solo View Post
on US tours, they should drop sandman, sad but true & nothing else matters. i understand why they gotta whip out the hits in places they dont go to all the time, but they tour here so often that i doubt it would piss off the casual fans that much. i mean, the radio rock chicks, bro's and mongoloids that go to see metallica know its gonna be a heavy concert, so its not like leaving outt he commercial stuff would surprise anybody.
You'd be in for a surprise. I went to see them on their last US run, and there was a 40-something woman in the row behind me who looked miserable the entire time. At first I thought it was because I was headbanging and standing up during Lamb of God (she told me to sit down at one point haha), but I would occasionally look over at her during Metallica's set, and the only song she seemed remotely expressive for was Nothing Else Matters when she was singing along. Maybe she was dragged to the show by someone, but she dressed the part of a middle aged rocker chick, so I assumed she was at least a casual fan. Maybe the menopause was kicking in that night. The point is there would be a lot of people pissed if they didn't play at least one of Nothing Else Matters and Enter Sandman. Dropping one may not be a huge deal, but dropping both would piss a lot of people off.
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