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Noctis Valkyries IV -- Calgary, Alberta -- September 24th-25th, 2010

I just got home and don't feel like writing up a review right now, so I'll just post the few sets I have and write a full one later.

Sodom (day 2 headliner)
1.The Saw is the Law
2.The Vice of Killing
3.Outbreak of Evil
5.Napalm in the Morning
6.Eat Me (this was played but wasn't on the setlist, this might be in the wrong spot)
7.Iron Fist (Motorhead cover)
8.Obsessed by Cruelty
9.Agent Orange
10.Witching Metal
13.Remember the Fallen

I know this one looks screwed up, but the setlist has 20 songs on it, plus 4 listed as reserve. Except for Ausgebombt, I am sure every song here was played. City of God and Fuck the Police were on the setlist but not played, and one of my friends insisted that they played Sodomy and Lust. You'd think that I'd remember this, but when one of your all-time favourite bands is playing the last thing you're thinking of is remembering exactly which songs are played.

Incantation (second last on first day but played longer than the headliner):
1.Primordial Domination
2. Entrantment Of Evil
4.Lead To Desolation
5.Rotting Spiritual Embodiment
6.Absolved (listed, not sure what this is)
7.Dying Divinity
8.The Ibex Moon
9. Anoint the Chosen
10.Scream Bloody Gore (Death cover)
11.Impending Diabolical Conquest
12.Shadows of the Ancient Empire

They were fucking awesome and I met them after the show.
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