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Originally Posted by Bloodcurse View Post
Day I:

Sathanas: (30 mins)

March Through Fire
Jaws of Satan
Servent to the Ungod
Soul Cremator
Empire Daemonium
Entering the Diabolic Trinity
Blood of Christ
Possessed by Blasphemy
These guys are from the same county as me. I've met Bill several times just seeing him around places. They're an awesome band, I just didn't know anyone on here really knew about them.

Originally Posted by Bloodcurse View Post

Necrophagia: (60 mins)

Dead Skin Slave
Upon Frayed Lips of Silence
Cannibal Holocaust
Return to Texas
World Funeral
Forbidden Pleasure
Bloodfreak (guitar by Phil Anselmo)
Embalmed Yet I Breath (guitar by Phil Anselmo)
The Cross Burns Black (guitar by Phil Anselmo)
Blaspheme the Body
Z Do Caixo
Young Burial
And I once saw Killjoy in the mall that's not even a mile from my house
I've lost track of just about everything.
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